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A ground-breaking treatment for Vitiligo. Until recently considered incurable, Dr Georghy has the answer.


Hypopigmentation is notoriously difficult to treat, however, thanks to years of research; Dr Joseph Georghy has developed a ground-breaking treatment for Vitiligo - one of the most extreme examples of hypopigmentation. Having made a ground-breaking discovery that vitiligo is associated to a deficiency in vitamin D, or the ‘sunshine vitamin’, Dr Georghy uses Photodynamic HelioTherm to reactivate the patient’s dormant stem cells. This treatment results in melanin producing melanocytes, negating the need for ongoing prescription medication and avoiding their associated side effects. Although it takes a number of treatments, patients can look forward to results that continue to improve.

The procedure is relaxing and takes around 40 to 60 minutes per treatment. You should see significant reduction in your rosacea symptoms within a few days after the initial treatment.

  • ‘Walk in walk out’ 40 to 60 minute pain-free procedure
  • Pain-free non-invasive therapy
  • No downtime or post-treatment discomfort
  • Highly effective and convenient

Case Studies

Case: 1

Lady in mid-50’s suffering from Vitiligo since her teens. Vitiligo has affected the whole body, particularly the upper torso and the face.

Untreated areas of the foot and arm.

She is not concerned about the legs and the rest of the body. She wishes her face & decolletage cured and rejuvenated. She suffers from Rosacea as well.






The result after LLLrST, LED, IPL (PhotoTherm) delivered from a distance and PhotoDynamic HelioTherm. Note a dramatic skin texture improvement, skin age reversal, cure of both: Vitiligo and Rosacea and ‘HelioTherm FaceLift’.

Case: 2

The patient said to me: "Doctor, I’d like to get married, but nobody would marry me with vitiligo".

Around 2000, he got married and they had their first child.

The result after LLLrST LED, IPL (PhotoTherm) and PhotoDynamic HelioTherm.

Case: 3

A young teenager developed Vitiligo. He was also diagnosed with Vit D deficiency. The disease started as a small dot on the chin that spread affecting both chin and the whole face. He was unsuccessfully treated in a major teaching hospital and sustained mild burn.

The result after LLLrST, LED, IPL (PhotoTherm) and PhotoDynamic HelioTherm.

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